Welcome to Usrey Funeral Home

Family owned and operated since 1927

Usrey Funeral Home has been a vital care-giving member of this region of Alabama since 1927. Our staff carries on the traditions begun so long ago, however we pride ourselves on not being limited by tradition. Many of our services are progressively modern.

Whether you seek the familiar traditional service, or wish to take a more unique, modern approach, we assure you that our driving force has been, and will continue to be dignified, personal and quality service.

Usrey Funeral Home is pleased to be one of the few providers who serves those Alabama families who hold Brown Service Burial policies. We will be honored to care for your needs when the time arises.

  • Locally Owned and Owner Operated
  • Owners of Pine Hill Memorial Park and St. Clair Memorial Gardens
  • Over 90 years in the Community
  • Funeral directors available in the community 24 hours a day
  • Serving all faiths
  • Honor Brown Service and Burial Policies
  • Handicapped accessible facilities
  • Large, spacious chapels
  • Personalized full-service care for veterans and their families

Everything we do in our business, everything we are in our personal lives, focuses on holding this place and the people who live here in deep honor and respect.

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